CROWD XI | 04.03.2010

J. Gordon Faylor's work has appeared in Nap, Sustainable Aircraft, Physical Poets Vol. 3, Other Cl/utter, and Nod. His chapbooks include 5 6, Tremblies (with Eddie Hopely), Dunk Runts (with Josef Kaplan), LURK+ SWIT*-HITT+, and Remault Drenander. He co-edits mid)rib with Andy Martrich.

Josef Kaplan is the author of Our Heavies and co-author of Dunk Runts (Trees+Squashy 2010) with Gordon Faylor. He edits Sustainable Aircraft, an online journal of mostly critical writing on contemporary poetry, and lives in Brooklyn.

John Coletti is the author of Physical Kind (Yo-Yo-Labs 2005), Same Enemy Rainbow (fewer & further 2008), and the freshly published Mum Halo (Rust Buckle Books 2010). He recently finished serving as editor of The Poetry Project Newsletter and co-edits Open 24 Hours Press with Greg Fuchs.

Douglas Rothschild's work has appeared in Jacket, 6x6, The Poker and Fauxpress among others. He is the author of Theogony (subpress 2009).