CROWD XII | MAY 1, 2010

SANDRA LIM is the author of Loveliest Grotesque, selected for the 2006 Kore Press First Book Award by Marilyn Chin. Her poems have appeared in American Letters & Commentary, Boston Review, Colorado Review, Court Green, and other journals. She is currently the Elma Stuckey Poet-in-Residence at Columbia College of Chicago.

JAMES SHEA is the author of Star in the Eye, selected for the 2008 Fence Modern Poets Series. His poems have appeared in various journals, including American Letters & Commentary, Colorado Review, Boston Review, jubilat, and Verse.

JOANNA PENN COOPER's writing appears or is forthcoming in Boog City, Opium, elimae, Ping Pong, and SUPERMACHINE. Her chapbook, Mesmer, will be available from Dancing Girl Press in Spring 2010. Joanna is a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at Fordham University.

KEN CHEN is the author of Juvenilia, selected for the 2009 Yale Younger Poets competition by Louise Gl├╝ck. His work has been published or recognized in Best American Essays 2006, Best American Essays 2007, and The Boston Review of Books. A graduate of Yale Law School, he lives in Brooklyn, NY and is the executive director of the Asian American Writers’ Workshop.