crowd IV, april 25, 2009

praise for Sometimes My Heart Pushes My Ribs:
“When I finished reading Sometimes My Heart Pushes My Ribs I had to go to lunch with people in a restaurant with enormous beverages and misnamed sandwiches. I kept tapping my hand on the table and I didn’t listen to anything anybody said. All I wanted to do was go home to read and write the kind of poetry Ellen Kennedy writes, declarative and nervous and wild and free. This is the sort of thing you want. This is the sort of book you should buy and you should buy it now instead of having lunch with those ‘friends.’”
- Daniel Handler, author of ADVERBS

"...absurd...melancholic...feature[s] poems about nervousness, loneliness, Woody Allen, and Norm MacDonald."
- Nylon Magazine

ellen kennedy lives in Boston and Northeast Pennsylvania. Her work has been published by Bear Parade, Mipoesias, Juked, elimae, 2nd Avenue Poetry, 3:AM Magazine, Alice Blue Review, Melancholia's Tremulous Dreadlocks and other magazines.